"The Man Who Has Beat Them All"

Who is Louis Navellier?

Legendary investor Louis Navellier has been called “an icon among growth investors.”

“The Earnings Whisperer.”

“The King of Quants.”

“The advisor who recommended Google before anyone else.”

And “the man who’s beat them all.”

He’s picked the #1 stock of the S&P eight years in a row…

Found Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco at less than $2 per share…

And has hundreds of 100%-plus winning stock recommendations to his name.

Unsurprisingly, his incredible stock picks have led to an incredible fortune…

Today, Louis is a multimillionaire with a home on the South Florida coast, a second home in Lake Tahoe and a fleet of luxury vehicles.

The secret to his success?

Data… and lots of it…

A pioneer in using computers to analyze the stock market, Louis crunches billions of market data points in order to find stocks poised to soar…

His track record for finding the market’s biggest winners over and over again make his proprietary stock market algorithms the stuff of legend in the financial world.

But now Louis is taking his research in a bold new direction…

He’s launching a new initiative called Project Lightspeed.

And what makes it so unusual is that Louis Navellier – the legendary stock investor – isn’t focusing on stocks with this one…

Rather, he’s exploring one of the most mysterious, most controversial — but most explosive — areas of the market.

A hidden corner of the financial world he’s rarely — if ever — written or spoken about before.

He says this new research is finally ready for the big stage.

Louis' Greatest Hits

MSFT 38¢ $238 62,531%
HD 73¢ $292 39,900%
NKE 33¢ $147 44,445%
AAPL $1.49 $143 9,497%
ADBE $1.82 $534 29,240%
CSCO 47¢ $80 16,921%
ORCL 51¢ $65 12,645%
AMZN $46 $3,552 7,621%
QCOM $2.10 $165 7,757%
HANS $3.29 $95 2,787%
WMT $7.56 $153 1,924%
PEP $12.88 $148 1,049%
SBUX $10.93 $107 879%
EBAY $7.89 $66 736%